Aloha. My name is Kawika, and I like to make things. More specifically, I like to develop brands that not only stand out at first impression, but remain memorable as timeless identities. I believe that successful brands don't merely flaunt the bells and whistles of aesthetic design, but most importantly, maintain a strong foundation of conceptual, empathetic and dynamic design elements. 

My 4 years in corporate design has prepared me with a design eye that appeals to the consumer, and an organizational work flow that remains proactive, rather than reactive, to the ever-changing trajectory of the consumer world. My time in this field has allowed me to wear many different hats. This has allowed me to see the vast importance of ideation, strategy and cohesive collaboration with a tight-knit team of fellow creatives and marketing strategists. Understanding the breadth off their work and even filling-in for their duties has given me a valuable perspective on how intricate and fine-tuned teams need to be to operate successfully. 

As a freelancer, I have enjoyed taking on up-and coming businesses who may have their dream vision in mind, but just need someone to translate their blueprints into something marketable, sustainable and attractive. Building these brands from the ground up gives me the opportunity to not only explore the creative freedom of working independently, but also building relationships with my clients in order to hone in their vision into a effective vehicle for their voice and services. 

In my free time, the creating doesn't stop. I love to sing, jam the Ukulele, collage and cook for friends. My core value in life is something along the lines of: as long as I am creating, I am happy, and as long as I am happy, I can continue to create. This approach to my design career has proven to be a sustainable strategy I've depended on and owe my successes to. 

We'll be in touch!